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Phoenix Stucco Interior & Exterior Services Are The Best Option For A Peaceful, Sturdy & Beautiful Home.

You need a wall or ceiling repaired, sure. But what if you got more out of the deal? Stucco requires minimal maintenance and is noise canceling. Stucco is a good choice, and choosing Stucco Repair Phoenix is an even better one. We guarantee you’ll be happy with what we can create, whether it be for exterior stucco siding or interior stucco painting for your home or business.

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Our Stucco Repair & Installation Services Make Your Phoenix Home Fire Resistant.

Does your home or business not currently have any exterior stucco siding? Well, what are you waiting for? Contact us for a free stucco installation consultation and we could be installing stucco siding on your home sooner than you think. We not only know a thing or two about repairing your home’s siding, but we also have a great deal of knowledge about stucco installation. Did you know that exterior stucco can help your home become fire resistant? Normally, stucco is used to reinforce other popular residential and commercial sidings, such as wood or brick. After applying typically three layers to a home’s current siding, each layer can be protected for up to one hour of heat brought on by a flame. So if a fire begins in a home’s backyard, reaches the siding of that home, and that siding is reinforced with stucco material, does that mean that the home is protected? Long story short, yes.

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